using OWA to send on behalf


Can OWA user send email on behalf of a O365 group?

i have already given user the permission to Send As and Send on Behalf but there is no option to select the option to send as in OWA

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There is no other address in the from list?
Also try just entering the address you have send as permissions with!
I think the from field is just an history
Yes, you can do it from the "From" remove the address you have so you can type the desired From address, add the address you want to and you should be the new OWA experience is even more easy
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A screen shot might help... Expose the From field and right-click on the address. Then click Remove and you can input the address of the group you want to send the message as.



Do note that if you have granted both Send As and Send on behalf of permissions, the former will take precedence.

SS To expose the FROM in OWA. 



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