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I have an Office 365 Personal license and would like to know if I can use this to create my own email addresses (on my own domain, which I've just registered) on I have created my Office 365 account using my Gmail account but would now like to register and use my own domain. I also have a few of my devices using Office 365 and I would not like to reinstall Office on them.






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AFAIK, to use your own domain you will need an Office 365 Plan...with a Personal one is not going to be enough

I have an Office 365 home license (for 5 users) and we have this.


Only works if the domain is registered with GoDaddy at the moment I believe.

Have a look here:

@Kevin Naidoo 


Were you able to solve this problem? Did you migrate or create your domain with GoDaddy? Or did you find another solution? 

I'm having the same problem and don't want to migrate to GoDaddy as the only provider Microsoft is willing to work with supporting non business users with their own domain. GoDaddy is more expensive and domain migrations often cause weeks of issues (during which time) I am not available. I hope that there are alternatives (apart from moving to a much more expensieve business license)?