Use Outlook without Exchange

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Currently, we use Office365 to include Exchange and our E-mail client is Outlook.

If we discontinue using Exchange so that our E-mail is handled by our hosting provider, are we still able to use Outlook? Either on line or desktop. Most users use Outlook desktop.

There was a company that told us if we don't use Exchange we'd have to uninstall Outlook. I think that's absolutely a "sales" lie.

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You will certainly have no access to Outlook on the web if you discontinue your Exchange Online subscription.  As for Outlook, if you downloaded it from your O365 subscription, then you should have a valid licence in order to continue using it.


May I ask why you would wish to stop using Exchange Online in favour of your hosting providers email solution?


We've had far too much go wrong with mail not being delivered, received, etc. in just the last couple of weeks. But it wasn't the first time, and nobody provides support. Godaddy is not sufficient in providing support, and they threatened that our desktop Outlook would need to be uninstalled.


It's hurting the company. We cannot afford to have issues with E-mail when it's a very large part of the business. Clients are "not" forgiving when they don't receive expected E-mail, or cannot send E-mail. Worse, if they send E-mail that never arrives, it's not only embarrassing but reason for clients to look elsewhere for our services.


Our plan is to simply use our hosting company for everything, but we want to retain everything "other" than Exchange.


You mentioned that there would be no access to Outlook on the Web.

I know that I personally have an account. It has nothing to do with O365. So why would we lose the ability to use Outlook on the Web? It sounds like we're not clarifying. You mean, we won't have O365 on the Web? We understand that.


If we're able to use Outlook on the desktop (and yes, the subscription is still active), why wouldn't we be able to use Outlook on the Web? Do you mean we'd have to create accounts in If so, that's not a huge issue. I think assuring the office personnel that they have desktop Outlook is all that concerns them. We could switch to another client, but they are used to Outlook and would sooner keep that.

Godaddy told us that we'd have to uninstall Outlook - again, part of the reason we are exhausted with O365. A larger part is that without spending literally days to "find" somewhere to get answers, there is no support for O365. Microsoft can respond that there is all sorts of documentation for support. But, nothing works better than being able to either E-mail directly to support or call. "Fishing" for a site where we can finally get answers is not customer service.


Thank you for the confirmation that we can keep Outlook and simply add the third-party accounts (they are simple to create).




I'm sorry to hear you've had such a bad experience.  It sounds like you may have a GoDaddy branded / federated Office 365 tenant.  I've only come across these a couple of times myself and found them to be limited in comparison to the regular O365 experience.


You are correct in that you can use on the web, but you'd need to setup accounts for that and I'd also not advise using this for business purposes.


O365 and Exchange Online are amazing services, and if you are having issues with your mail delivery, then this suggests there is something incorrectly configured somewhere along the mail flow process.  


The first thing I'd suggest looking at is where your email domains MX records are pointing to.  You can check this by entering your domain name at  Also, it is worth checking that all of the required DNS records needed for O365 are added at your DNS hosting provider control panel.    

no solutions suggested. Where is the help I expect. Had to obtain a different personal email for the GSA and decided to tuse outlook and micarosoft. Once I added to my outlook, i am required to log in to Exchange and can not change the rules I have been using in Outlook for many years. I can not log into exchange every time I want to poen outlook and access email and there is no reason why I should have to run my company emails through exchange just because they are on outlook. It was a great plafform to use for consolidating my emails until I had to go through MSFT.