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Hi Experts

When i am trying remove license for one of my office365 user i am getting below error.

I am not sure about Azure AD but i have access to it. experts guide me to remove  the license from Azure AD.lic-error.JPG

One or more of the licenses could not be modified because they are inherited from a group membership. To view or modify group based licenses visit the Azure admin portal.

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@Vasil Michevthis is an old post but I'm not sure why this was marked as best response as the provided link shows you how to assign licenses, but it does not show you how to remove licenses as the OP requested.


I can't seem to find anywhere on the internet where it says how to delete licenses from a tenant, and it would be super helpful if someone could actually answer these questions instead of linking to vaguely related documentation that doesn't answer the question or resolve the problem.

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