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I work at a school where we use Teams quite heavily.  We are wanting to report who is logged into Teams for the whole tenancy live.  We would like to check from a single point how many students are logged into Teams for each class period.

Can you tell me if this is possible please?

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Can you be a bit more precise what you’re looking for? Reporting live on being signed into Teams will be difficult and unreliable. However, reporting on when someone joined and left a call would be possible. Perhaps that’s the most relevant data for your use case?
Thanks for your reply, it's much appreciated. The school management are wanting to check during lesson time that the students who are supposed to be attending the class Teams are actually logged in and using it. This is so they can ring home and find out why and make sure the students aren't playing truant. The registration feature is great but only gives information after the class is finished. Thanks for your help.
There’s no easy out of the box way to report this. Most analytics are slightly delayed anyhow. What you could do is use the Microsoft Graph API to get the user’s current presence information. This should allow you to check if a user is currently in a call or not.