Table of Contents has roman numerals for numbers

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I am using MS Office 365 on a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10.

When inserting a TOC, I have two Automatic Table 1 and 2 and one manual Table.

When I chose one of the two automatic Tables, I see the page numbers are roman numerals. I tried to change them to numbers but could not.

Can someone suggest how?


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TOC uses the same formatting as the headings present in the document. Either modify them, or create a custom TOC. The setting you need to change is under TOC -> Modify-> select the Style in question -> Modify -> Format -> Numbering -> select from one of the available formattings.


I am facing problems with my ToC - it includes captions apart from Heading 1, 2, 3 and 4. I have tried changing it by going to Custom Table of Contents --> select template --> options --> deselect captions. But as soon as I press ok, the captions comes right back in the selection. What is the way around this??

Thanks in advance.


I had the same issue, I selected a default template and it defaulted to roman numerals and I couldnt figure out how to change it. My issue was the default page number was set to roman numerals however the displayed page numbers showed just regular numbers. So I click on the one of the page numbers and change the style and that did the trick. 

@VasilMichev, this solution does not work.

For each section of the document activate the header/footer - go to the Insert ribbon > Header & Footer > Page Numbers > Format Page Numbers ... > Change number format. 


You can have your number format set to roman/arabic numerals while the number format in this location can be different. I found changing it in this location made the ToC update accordingly. 

Yes, that worked perfectly! Thanks a lot!