Table borders in Word

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Greetings -

I am trying to set only certain cells in a table to have borders, specifically a bottom border. Ex: row1  would have 4 cells, row2 would have two cells: 


Client: ______________ Date: ___________

Location: _____________________________


(Note: for the 2nd row, I have merged cells 2, 3 and 4). 

Now to formatting:

Step1: Turn off all borders. 

Step2: Select Row1, cell 2. Turn on bottom border. Repeat for cell 4.

This is successful. 

Step3: Select Row2, cell 2. Turn on bottom border. 

However, now a border appears on Row2, Cell1 (under the word "Location"). 

I did not select Row 2, Cell1. 

I do not want a bottom border on Row2, Cell1. 

I have tried selecting Row2, Cell1 and setting "no border". 

That has no effect. 

I have tried selecting the entire row, setting it to "no border".

This is successful. 

I then re-select Row2, Cell2 and choosing "Bottom Border".

The bottom border now appears under the entire row again. 

Try calling Microsoft Support. 

There is no Microsoft Support. 

Pull out hair. 

Take medication. 

Post in Community forum. 

Pour a beer. 

Drink a beer. 

Wait for a response. 

Clean up hair from floor. 

Please help. 

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