SMS Texting and syncing through Office 365

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Before I switched from Comcast Business Exchange Account, I was able to set something in my Android phone to sync SMS messages to my Exchange account. Now that I use Office 365 Email for Business, I can't figure out how to set my Android 7 phone (Samsung S8) to continue syncing my SMS messages to my Office 365 Business email account.   The usual methods of going to "setting" on the phone don't work.  How do I link the two together again. 

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Hi Jeff,


Below is the answer to your query.


When you are configuring the Active Sync in Samsung mobile.. It will give you the option to check the box for synching  i.e Contacts, SMS, Calender etc. There you can select the option contacts your messages will show in the emails..

this feature is no longer available after today's update to Android 9.0 on a  Verizon Samsung Galaxy S8.  Any thoughts? @NegiDeepak83