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Hello Folks,



I thought I should share with you a cool hack that we have used to avoid the login page when opening the site on o365.

With a slight modification to the url of the portal on O365, we are able to directly open the site giving a true SSO experience very similar to what the customer was used to when on-premise sharepoint was used.


The credit must go to Paolo Pialorsi as it was his blog that provided the details.

You can find it here -






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That's an interesting way of doing it. Not sure if you saw, but there's also a new option to enable true SSO using Azure AD Connect Single Sign On:

Incidentally, I just did a detailed article on Smart links few weeks back. I felt like they are slowly getting forgotten and decided to put together an article explaining all the concepts and giving more examples.


Here's the shameless plug link:


Any feedback welcome :)