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I've created an Sharepoint Assets Library for Office 365 apps. The templates show up in the Office apps, but there is a initial folder that has the same name as the Document Library that have been setup for the Office templates. There is no folder in the document library, the templates are in the "root".

In the tutorials I watched and read I can see that the template appear directly under the Organization tab when creating a new document in Word for example.


This is how it looks in Word. The templates are accessible in that folder, and work just fine. But I would like to get rid of this initial folder.


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Tommy Herman


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@TommyHerman I have not seen any other solution where you do not have to first click on this icon. I have set up this solution on several occasions based on the article "Create an organization assets library" and, as far as I know, this functionality is "by design". 

Regards, Magnus

@Magnus Goksøyr Hi Magnus! Thank you for the response. But in the article you link you can actually see the behavior i'm seeking. Under the Office templates bullet the picture shows the templates beeing listed directly under the tab without a initial folder. I also have a partner collegue that have tested this functionality, and his solution also shows the templates directly, i've reached out to him but havent got any response yet.

This tutorial also show this behaviour,



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Mystery solved!

The presentation of templates have been updated in newer Office versions, I was on semi-annual channel om my testmachine and office version 2002. But after switch to montly channel v2009 the templates are shown without an initial folder. Also tested insiders channel, version 2010, and the behaviour has not changed from v2009.


Hi Tommy,

I had a support case with Microsoft recently that directed me to your post as it was very similar behavior.

I am currently on the monthly channel, version 2104 and I have issues with the Office Templates being stored in SharePoint.

I did make an intune policy to hide the "Office-provided templates" (see attachment) and configured the "Add-SPOOrgAssetsLibrary -LibraryUrl https://[tenant] -OrgAssetType OfficeTemplateLibrary". Which works as expected (I placed the templates on the root of the Sharepoint document library, so I never see the folder issue like you had)


Administrative template profile - Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin centerpng.png


The issue is when that there are no "Office-provided" templates, I would expect to see the templates as soon as a user clicks on the "New" section (making the templates 1 click away), but It doesn't show any templates.

To see the templates, I need to tell the users that they need to:

1- Open word

2- Go to "New" (which shows nothing the first time)

3- Click on "Home" (or some other screen)

4- Go to "New" again.

The second time they see the "New" screen, the templates magically pop-up as intended (see screenshot).


I am able to replicate this issue in different versions of office (I am on "Current" update channel but most users are on "Monthly Enterprise Channel").

It seems like a bug, but I was told this was "by design".
Do you experience the same?

Hi Pedro99!

Sorry to hear you have issues with this, we do not experience these issues. But we dont hide the office provided templates, maybe thats causing this? Tested on Word 2104.



We're experiencing the exact same issue!

Hi @Pedro99

I have the same issue with Office Semi-Annual Channel 2108 and hiding templates. Any update on this?