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Hi experts

i have a requirement to delete profile picture of an outlook account.

OWA is disabled in my environment so i cannot conenct to the remote user.


will the below powershell command can i remove the profile picture

Remove-UserPhoto ""

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In general it depends on how the photo was set, but yes, Remove-UserPhoto will remove it from any Exchange-related clients.

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Yes, this commandlet will remove the user photo.


more details here:

It is not allow me to remove my profile picture and I do not know what to do so can I have so help



I have executed your steps succesfully. I want to remove photos for multiple users on their teams profiles, maybe it just takes time but I have read that the teams profile photo is synced from owa web app profile photo.


Do you know if this is correct?


Thank you very much

Hi Everyone,
I removed photos from selected profiles using the remove-userphoto command. According to the get-userphoto command, user profiles do not contain a profile photo. For most users, the change did not take effect
Is there just another place where profile pictures are stored in O365?

Thanks so much for your response!

@ZdeKor Hi, this can be a bit confusing (I know). Teams honors the OwaMailboxPolicy setting using the -SetPhotoEnabled value. You can set it to $true or $false for controlling if they should be able to change their profile picture. The tricky part is how Teams cache things, and the best way to force a refresh is to clear cache, usually by signing out manually and back in. You can actually use Teams on the web for verification.


Here's an official article on the cache process

User information isn't updated in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


Adding this on the topic and for the table "Modify user profile picture"

How Exchange and Microsoft Teams interact - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

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