Refresh Salesforce data into an Excel file on Sharepoint on daily/weekly schedule and automate tabs

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I am pulling Salesforce objects data via power query into an Excel 365 file kept in a sharepoint folder. Right now, to update the file at scheduled times, i have to open the online file in Excel App, refresh power query, then do some manipulations, calculations to the sheets and then save and close it. What i want to do is automate it:

  • Pull Salesforce data into the closed Excel file kept on Sharepoint using Javascript API, instead of Power Query.
  • Trigger multiple hourly/daily/weekly refreshes to Salesforce data.
  • Automate some manipulations, calculations in online closed Excel file using Javascript API once a refresh is complete.

Can someone help here on how this can be achieved?

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@sifar4ever did you manage to fulfil your aim on this? I would like to do the same.


I tried MD lists in Teams m Sharepoint and sort of works with a bit of work, but straight in to excel would be nice.