Propose available meeting times in Outlook email using Bookings

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I just wanted to know if this was possible: We are starting to use Microsoft Bookings but I want to make it really easy for our customers to choose a good meeting time. In Calendly, we were able to select, say, three or four different meeting slots for proposed meeting times and have these be entered right into the outlook email. I know customers can select a meeting time from my bookings calendar but I wondered if there was an integration with OWA that allows me to propose meeting times right in my email? Thanks

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Hi @RickBC44

Bookings does sync with your works calendar. If it doesn't automatically you can use this article

However, with Booking you can only book a single slot. You could try to book multiple slots sequentially - but this would be confusing

There is a uservoice to book multiple slots here:

In terms of proposing times, you can't do that either currently - no ability to do that in the external booking page, or from Outlook. There is a uservoice that kind of calls for this too

However, if these don't account for what you want you can raise a uservoice here too and get others to vote it up to push it up the agenda

Hope that has answered your question

Best, Chris

Thanks Chris, this helps.