Problems with sharing folders located in Sharepoint

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Dear all


I am facing some problems regarding the sharing of folders located in a SharePoint document library despite reading all the "How To" available online.


Although I've set the sharing permission in the SharePoint Admin center (see Picture 1 attached), I am not able to share folders located at SharePoint the intended way (see Picture 2 attached, new and existing guests getting a code and a link).


Sharing single files located at SharePoint, as well as sharing single files and folders located in the personal OneDrive works the intended way.


I am not aware that I have changed any website-specific settings or permissions, they should all be the default ones. 


Thank you in advance

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Hi @msiemon,


Have you enabled external sharing for that specific SharePoint site? By default external sharing is disabled on a site level, and you can enable it from SharePoint Admin Center.






Hi @Matti_Paukkonen 


thank you for your answer. The website settings seem to be correct (see screenshot).


Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-17 um 09.16.44.png