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In my company we have a couple of macos that don´t receive any notification when their office365 password expiry. They are configured with a local account. Does this users need some extra configuration? My windows accounts receive a pop-up notification, but they are configured as azuread join.


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@joao_ramos With Windows, a pop up comes because it is also the Windows account. This is different with macOS. I read on the Microsoft Learn pages that Password Expiration Notifications are no longer supported:




I think the most important point here is to name. Make sure your Conditional Access is properly set up and get rid of password changes. Password expiration requirements do more harm than good, because these requirements let users choose predictable passwords consisting of consecutive words and numbers that are closely related. In these cases, the next password can be predicted based on the previous password. Password expiration requirements offer no benefits because cybercriminals almost always use credentials as soon as they get their hands on them: Password policy recommendations - Microsoft 365 admin | Microsoft Learn


Thank you for the help and time Josh! But unfortunately my company demands a policy that requires password expiration for the O365 account, and it would be useful to find a workaround to make a notification pop-up or email for the macos users.

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I'm afraid there isn't really a suitable solution for you. You could, of course, use Power Automate to create a flow that sends a message via teams or email to the user every month to change their password. But there is no trigger for this that responds to password expiration.

You could also use Power Automate to have the password changed automatically, and then send this password to the user. However, I don't think this is a nice solution. (
Thank you for the tip! I will try to explore power automate for this one, but i´m afraid it won´t work properly, because we have set to expiry once a year and every user has a different date.

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Does anyone have another workaround for this issue?


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