Outlook inbox not showing reply sign

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My outlook does not show the reply sign uless I move email to another folder.  This can be frustrating and allows for duplicate replies.

Please see attached showing inbox replied email, then update after moved to different folder.

Thank you for your help

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I am an independent advisor responding to TechCommunity inquiries.


I also noticed some inconsistencies with the reply icon before September's update. It works better now. 


Prior to the update, once the Group into conversation setting was enabled, it work fine. 


  • Settings icons
  • From the quick settings pane, scroll and check the Group into Conversation option

This problem appeared for me about a month or two ago. It might have occurred when I reverted back to the classic layout of having my calendar, task icon, contacts, etc. appear at the bottom of my list of folders, rather than to the left (which was taking up too much valuable real estate). 

I just figured out a solution that worked for me. In Outlook, go to View > View Settings > Columns. 

Under the Select Available Columns From dropdown menu, select All Mail Fields. Find the Icon option and Add it. You can then move the Icon option up and down so it appears where you want when looking at your inbox.  

Hope this works for you!