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Hello, in desktop Outlook 365 is missing button for selecting "From:" address.

The option on toolbar was missing and when added manualy is greyed out.

I have tried to repair Office installation but no luck.

Mailbox is in M365 cloud, user has "Send as" permission for public folders.

In browser Outlook feature is functional.

Any tip where can be problem?

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I have the same issue, have added two separate 'additional mailboxes' hoping to see the From button appear, but it remains showing only the "Bcc" button.
What's your Outlook exact version? What do you see if you create a new email and select Options?

@Victor Ivanidze 

version: Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2203 Build 16.0.15028.20152) 32 bit

When user creates new email, the "From" button is missing. Likewise on option ribbon there is nothing.

Also tried to add user to shared mailbox, send as permission, but no change.


Please proved a screenshot showing what do you see after creating a new email and selecting Options in menu bar.



That is my current view, I have two users who have added mailboxes just like mine (below) and they do NOT have the From option circled above.



@Victor Ivanidze 


Hi @EricBiletsky 


Hmm, strange. What abut replying from the reading tab (see this) ?

@EricBiletsky I am able to add the "From" option but it is grey for me as well. i had to open a new message then go to "File" -> "options" ->"customize ribbon". then you can add the command to the ribbon. Thats where i am stuck at as the option shows now, but is greyed out.