Outlook appearance is broken (not fully loading)

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I’m an AD admin and a user of mine is having issues with their Outlook appearance. In short, it doesn’t load properly.

I’ll attach pictures below. They tried restarting everything, trying it from different devices.

I also tried logging in with his account on a different network/computer and still the same thing.

Seems to be like a Outlook user error, not a PC nor internet problem.


Can’t choose settings or anything like that. Only options and even from there, i am unable to switch to any other sub-category


Does any of you happen to have any previous experience with this type of thing?


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We are seeing this issue also with a number of users who had their OWA experience set to classic/light. issue appeared on Wednesday or Thursday of last week. So far we have not found a way to resolve this from the client's side or via admin side.

@ScottA605  That's a bummer... 

I'll try to look deeper into it and once it's resolved, I'll add one of the possible fixes down here.


Thanks for replying!

@RaikoKoorem any solution found here ? :)