outlook 365 keeps prompting for password - nothing fixes it

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we are on office 365, hybrid connection.  all users on 365, devices send emails to onsite exchange server which then sends to 365.


have 3 difference computers doing this now, different computer models, manufacturer.  one brand new laptop, 2 desktops, 1 5 years old, other 3.  different version of windows 10, one has 2004, one 1909, the other 20h2.  of the 3 affected user accounts, two are prexisting, one was created just this week.

when you open outlook, outlook keeps prompting for password over and over, but if you click CANCEL on password prompt, then click on Needs Password at bottom of Outlook, it will connect, and stay connected for about 30 mins to an hours, before the process starts all over again.


have cleared credentials, created new profile, signed out of office, no change.

downloaded setupprod_authchk from MS, ran though its checks, nothing changed.

any more suggestions? 

365 support from our MSP just asked us to create a new windows profile on each affected computer, which would be bit of a pain, hope to try something else.


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If the mailboxes involved resides on EXO (cloud), one way to look at this is at the registry level of the machine.
The machine could be bound by your domain controller and can have unnecessary autodiscover lookup. Exclude those and see if the issue will persist.

(look for Method 9)