Outlook 365 Create Group dialog not opening

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I'm trying to create a group in Outlook 365, but when I click on "New Group" link in the sidebar, nothing happens. Getting this both in Vivaldi and Firefox. Any workarounds? Thanks in advance.

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@Strahinja_Radic Hi, are you sure that you are allowed to create M365 groups?
What if you try to create a group from example OneDrive instead? Under Shared libraries, you should be able to add a new M365 group as well

@Pontus Själander OneDrive group creation works, just tested it and everything works perfectly. About whether I'm allowed to create an Outlook group, my organization administrator said I should be able to. Where can this setting be checked exactly?

If you could create it in OneDrive, you should have the correct permissions.
Using the Outlook Desktop client or the Outlook Web application when you are trying to add it?

@Pontus Själander I'm using the Outlook web app.

@Pontus SjälanderI have no idea why isn't the dialog showing in Outlook, but using OneDrive, I can create the group anyway, so I'm marking this as "Best response", thanks! :)