OneDrive context menu (share, history, Free Space, Always keep) is missing

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OneDrive Context Menu (right click in Win Explorer on a OneDrive folder or file) is missing! Therefore I can't  "Free Up Space" "Always keep on this device","Share" etc.

FYI: I have Win10Pro / version 20H2 / OS built 19042.746
FYI: I have 2 user accounts on that machine -- on one account it works, on the other the context menu is missing!
FYI: I have an Office365 subscription.

FYI: I reinstalled Office365; I am up-to-date with Win 10 Pro


FYI: I read the article "How to change the User Account Control policies to allow OneDrive context menus" but that didn't help.


Situation / Issue:
When signing in to user 'A' I DO have the context menu.
When I sign in with user 'B' I DO NOT have the OneDrive context menu.

So, same underlying machine, same OS version but different behavior for two users.


What can I do to solve the issue? Ho do I get the OneDrive CONTEXT MENU?

Thanks, Frank

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@frankfrank Did you find a solution for that? Having the same issue here.

@ReneZimmermann Nothing I found on the Internet worked for me. Instead of going thru support who apparently misunderstood the question in the first place (I am just assuming because the response and questions I received indicated that...) ... I decided to delete the user account (then a quick boot) and to re-add the user.  That worked right away, the OneDrive context menu section was there again.

Re-adding the user seems a little more work but in the end it was a quick solution compared to the time I had spent researching on the Internet and what would have been ahead of me with trial and error other recommendations.

Best of luck!


Thanks. I'm glad it's a problem. I thought I was having a bad day. I'm Windows 10 ver.1809. I might try the deleting user account, reboot and re-add.