OneDrive business not loading - No blue cloud in system tray

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I have setup 4 user's laptops (Windows 10) on our new Office 365 Business Standard package.


All laptops use the same email address for Microsoft personal & business accounts.

(we get the prompt "Work/School or Personal" when accessing Microsoft online)

According to a Microsoft support person this is what they are encouraging now.


3 setups work perfectly, have both blue & white clouds in the system tray (for business & personal files) with "OneDrive" and "OneDrive - <our domain name>" folders in explorer and c:\users\<username>.


1 laptop is refusing to load OneDrive business.

No blue cloud in system tray.

No "OneDrive - <our domain name>" folder in explorer or c:\users\<username>.


I have tried reinstalling OneDrive (from

I have tried reinstalling Office 365 (from

No change.


I haven't tried the "Add an account" button in the OneDrive personal settings yet.

Could this work?


Help please!


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