Offie 365 apps - build version changing with updates

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We run a VDI environment with Office Click to Run installer used to update our O365 installation. To date, we have been on Build Version 2002 and our updating process (running the setup.exe with our reference .xml file ) has been patching successfully and the version has changed in keeping with the 2002 build. 


However, we've just ran the installer on our German-language enabled image, and we have been bumped from version

December: Version 2002 (Build 12527.21416)


Jan: Version 2008 (Build 13127.21064)


You can see from the below link that there was a Version 2002 release in January 2021 - but none of our other images upgraded to .21064 - they all remained on .21416. So in essence, the patching failed on all of them, but on the image that it worked on, it has broken that image (we have Outlook connectivity problems). 


Please see microsoft page:  microsoft 365 apps by update


Can anyone explain how the setup.exe file and reference.xml file determines the O365 build version and especially why we were bumped to the 2008 build (which has now broken our environment).


For information, the XML file contains nothing to determine the build that is installed.


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