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I posted this as a reply in Sharepoint, but this is probably the better place for it.


My Kaspersky Total Security application is identifying an invalid certificate.  The source program is listed as Microsoft Office in the popup.  The certificate in question lists the related certificate site as, and the detailed report lists the involved program as Microsoft Word!  I have attached the pertinent screenshots.  As you can see, the issue is very repetitive, with a different prefix for the url each time.  Comment would be appreciated.

 PopupPopupCertificateCertificateDetailed ReportDetailed Report


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I have had exactly the same problem with excel in office 365 over the last few days and it is a massive nuisance. I leave a Win 10 machine running some excel VBA macros all day long unattended however the process stalled for the first time in a year yesterday and an accumulation of these Kaspersky messages is the only unusual related activity.


The domain is registered to Microsoft and the randomised sub domains means I cant easily block the URL in the Windows Hosts file so its a huge nuisance! I saw some references to older threads on the web asking microsoft for information about their use of this domain but they never responded. Just seems to be unnecessary snooping at best and possibly intermittently causing me a more serious problem in intermittently stalling for my previously very stable Excel VBA macros.

Same probleme here...


Really annoying...

I'm having the same problem too...

Both my husband and I have the same problem and would really like to get rid of it.  Can anyone help?

I'm having the same problem. 

in Brazil, dec18n

Same problem on two machines here.  If Microsoft can't (won't) help, maybe Kaspersky can.

Question: For those responding here, what software are you using which flags the certificate error?  I'm wondering if there is a commonality here with security software.

I am having the same problem on several computers. It is a message from Kaspersky Internet Security (image from other commentor above), which has running for an extended amount of time on my machines with no issue. Is it possible that this is a new hack ?? I’ve had several very suspicious things going on with my network since these messages started popping up, including problems with my ip phones, random unwanted program installs, mysterious pop-up messages that disappear quickly when I log back onto a screen saver timed out machine and some other weird stuff. I’ve run a full system scan using KIS and another program that specializes in Malware detection / removal. One of the mysterious apps that appeared on the installed programs list was titled “Update for Windows...”, which turned out to be a malware program that could not be identified. I learned by researching on the internet. Something is going on... Anyone have any ideas ??

The domain is owned by Microsoft and represents servers in Microsoft datacenters. It is used for telemetry purposes that comply with Microsoft privacy commitments that you can read about at: Data sent to this domain is used to identify network connectivity and performance issues and to support improvements to the service. We have plans to rename it to be more descriptive, and to publish it at the Office 365 IP Address and URL publishing site at If you have any problems using Office 365 related to this, please raise a support incident so that we can assist at 

@Paul Andrew I am not sure if you are official support from Microsoft or responding on behalf of Microsoft.

If this is important domain then why Microsoft has not published much information about this domain. where is official document to show that it is needed in allowed domain list. Please stop sneak in without much detail.