Office 365 - SharePoint Online - Drag Drop creating unique document level permissions.

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Some of users earlier experienced issues in trying to "Edit in Excel" from SharePoint Online, therefore these users then downloaded the document and when they upload the document back in SharePoint then somehow for some users (possibly on Windows 8 or 10), the drag and drop assigns unique permissions to that particular document.


When I go and look at permissions setting for that library then it shows the message "Some items of this list may have unique permissions which are not controlled from this page".


I can manually manage the permission for these unique documents to inherit permission from upper level, but I am trying to find out if the root cause could be controlled to avoid the repeated manual work.


@Paul Stork


Thanks for the valued guidance.

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Mmm...what you are describing is not correct and it's the first time I see / hear that using Drag & Drop is assigning unique permissions to the documents uploaded. This not expected behavior and it should not work in that way

Let me ask the user to do a test on same file in two different libraries. One by drag-drop and another by 'uploading the file', to see if that makes any difference.

Yeah, it shouldn't create custom permissions if using a default drag and drop clean browser. If these files are turning around and being shared thou, that could cause that to happen.

@Vivek Jain did you ever find a solution? This is happening to us now. It seems to be caused by dragging from a local file server into a SharePoint site and it retains local domain permissions.