Office 365 Outlook OWA Issue - Mails are marked as Read bt default

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We are facing unique issue related to Office 365 Outlook issues. When we are accessing mails through webmail ( It appear that all mails are marked as Read. We have changed all properties in the settings to turn off automation marking mail to Read  where ever applicable. Also turned off Reading Pane in the settings. This mail is individual mail box and not shared or configured on any other devices/machine. 




Appreciate your quick help to resolve this issue.


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I cannot say I've ever had issues with this functionality in OWA. Not that that's any consolation for you, but just in case, I'd suggest checking whether there are other clients/devices involved here.

@Vasil Michev- Thank You.


We have already verified this as part of troubleshooting steps. This mailbox is not configured on any other devices.

And does this happen for other mailboxes too, or just this one?