Office 365 Outlook deleting emails automatically

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My older emails are being deleted from Inbox and Sent Items automatically. I have to go to Recoverable Items and restore them manually. I would like Outlook not to delete any of the emails. Is there a way to change this?

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This will be happening because of a Retention Policy.  Are you the Office 365 Administrator? 

No, I am not. I have this email account from my work.
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OK, so you will need to contact your IT department to ask them about this.  It is not something that you are going to be able to change yourself.

Even while I am recovering emails from Recover from Deleted Items, something is bulk deleting them again. It's not a rule ((only a couple of rules and they are very specific re 'contains string' bla bla bla) or archive policy as these are all fairly new emails (from the last few days). It's driving me batty. Any other ideas? is there a setting that just point blank stops anyone moving anyone to \Deleted?