Office 365 Onedrive showing 1TB for some users and 5TB for others

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Hi, so our school is subscribed to the Office 365 A1 Plus subscription for educational institutions. We have noticed a weird situation where many user accounts that were added have 5 TB onedrive, but now any new one's we add are showing as 1 TB, even though right under it, it shows that the organization allows for 5 TB. I've uploaded some pictures to show what's happening:


First is an example of an account that shows the full 5 TB:


Here is what's happening with any new accounts being created showing only 1 TB:


As you can see from the second link, the 1TB accounts show that the organization allows for 5TB, and if you see the other images under it, it also says the maximum limit for this user is 1TB which isn't letting me adjust it. And the licenses assigned are the exact same for the accounts.


Any insight into this would be much appreciated. Right now there's 17 users with 5TB space (which includes 2 admins) and then 4 users showing 1TB and any new user created is also showing 1TB.

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A1 should allow for maximum 1TB IIRC, "bigger" plans come with Unlimited, which initially translates to 5GB.
That's so odd then, why does mine show 5TB and it let me create 17 users with 5TB and now suddenly it's at 1TB for only newer users?