Office 365 no internet connection

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Windows 10 (ran Windows Update yesterday). Office 365 16.012325.20288.


The laptop is signed in with my Microsoft user name and password.


Office 365 (Outlook, Excel and Word) does not recognize that I have an internet connection. I did a full repair of Office and restart. After that the accounts pages show it has internet access. However after a restart of the laptop the same problem re-occurs.


I have no problems using OWA

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@Per Vonge Nielsen 


I did a full uninstall and reinstall of Office 365 Home. No change.

@Per Vonge Nielsen 


It had a connection. Then lost it and looking for the password. But I am unable to click the buttons to provide it.

It looks like Office 365 and OneDrive have a conflict with NordVPN. When I turn off NordVPN, I can sign in and I stay signed in after I turn on NordVPN again. There does not seem to be a conflict with Windows and NordVPN. 

@Per Vonge Nielsen 


I has same problem, Internet works, but outlook does not connect to exchange online, and after reinstall of office365 unable to active.  it turned out to be problem with network connectivity.


(1) Remove the virtual drivers (had hyper-v virtual ethernet driver).

(2) Removed windows sandbox from add/remove features

(3) Reboot and run "network troubleshooting" to Repair network adapter settings




I recently installed a new Sky hub which has caused endless problems.  Today I had to type an important letter for the Solicitor I work for but when I tried to attach it to an email to him I could not find it in my document files. I opened Office 365 and it was there. When I clicked on the letter a message popped up that I was not connected to the internet which was rubbish as I had accessed my emails. I have reinstalled Office 365 but still cannot find my file. Please please help me I have to get this email off urgently. Could you reply by return.