Office 365: Microsoft Kneecaps User Productivity

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Microsoft Kneecaps User Productivity (MKUP)


1. Custom Color Theme in Office requires me to copypaste HEX Code after a 3 layer submenu from the home tab. Change ONE color, then exit, copypaste the 2nd HEX code, and repeat.  And repeat...


2. Powerpoint selection pane. Rename the shape, text, image etc. Typing prompt starts at the beginning without highlighting the text. Type right away and you get COVER SHADERRectangle 19.

My fists ball up and I smash the keyboard of my ASUS into smithereens. 


3. Insert Stock Image search bar, click for the type prompt. As I remove my finger from the trackpad, my mouse icon slips from the window. I type and nothing happens. I start trembling and say "I'm going to strangle Bill Gates," through clenched teeth. No wonder he's so skittish around paparazzi. He knows what he did. 


4. Text boxes, Powerpoint. I don't know man. I don't know. I hate them. I just put a shape behind it and move on. What's the deal? The border won't snug up, the various wrap text, autofit, etc options make no sense. 


5. Stop hiding my files in one drive. I don't know where they go. I don't know the difference between


This PC \ OS \  Users \ Nolan \ Documents

and Start Backup \ Documents

you hide my stuff in One Drive, or make me select This Computer every time I save, repeating the same nonsense frig around with dropdown menus roughly 5893462049305 times.

The next day, I'm looking for my document because you slipped one past me. Hide his stuff in One Drive. Hahaha. I don't see One Drive. I don't know where my file is. I explode, spin around, and frisbee my laptop into the wall, denting the plaster and traumatizing the dog.


I get blamed for your corporate rage. You bottled it up and inadvertently built it into the user experience. 

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