New app launcher - customize order of apps?

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When we had the app tiles in the navigation of the Office 365 app launcher, I could drag and drop them in the order I wanted. With the new look, I can't figure out how to reorder the apps. Do we still have this capability, and if so, how do I rearrange the apps?

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Basically you can't. The new App Launcher is designed to show the Apps every user most uses so the order is influenced by the use of the Apps each user does

That's unfortunate. It explains why the news article, touting the new interface, didn't mention it. Thank you very much for the reply.


I don't think that is how it is working either.  I have apps showing that I never use.  They are showing higher than apps I do use.

I can't find a way to reorder my apps on either the Launcher or the splash page (good morning page). If they took away this ability, how can I get it back? 

I'm new to this forum. Do the Microsoft people read it? If not, where do I go to put in an "enhancement request" - in this case a "give us back what you took away request"?

Well, it is terribly frustrating that the apps I typically use are at the very bottom of the list while the ones I don't even know what they are used for seem to crowd the space for all the ones I want. :(

@LNewman et al:

I have discovered that you can control the order of the apps in your launcher, but it ain't easy.

If you unpin an app, then go to All Apps and pin it to Launcher again, it will show up at the end of the list. So theoretically I could unpin everything, then start with the one I want at the top. I currently have my top choice as the first one, so I will unpin everything but that, then start adding them back in the order I want. 


It is easy to remove unwanted apps from the Launcher. Click on the 3 stacked dots to the right of the app and Unpin from Launcher.