Need help to add delegates calendar on Iphone

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i have delegates pemision on another user calendar.  how to have this calender sync on my iPhone.

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Hi @veerappan Dhanabal


Is this delegate access via Exchange Server?


If you have already have set up your primary email access on your iPhone, trying going into your iPhone calendar, tap onto Calendars (bottom middle section of the screen) and see if the delegated calendar is there.


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Hi Veerappan,

You can do this as follows if you are using Exchange Online in Office 365/Microsoft 365 and both users are in 365

1.) Install the Outlook App for IOS. You can add this via the Apple App Store
2.) In Calendars, go to menu (3 lines top left) and Add Calendar
3.) Select Add Shared Calendars
4.) Enter the username/email address of the person you have delegate over in your organisation

Their calendar is now visible on your IPhone alongside your calendar. You should have delegate permissions if it’s been set previously.

Let me know how it goes!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard How to do the same but for delegated email  (not shared)? 

Example: Secretary who her boss has delegated his email and calendar to her.   We already did the calendar part, now we need for her to also see her boss (delegated) email on her iPhone. 

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@Elias Santiago Christian 


Unfortunately - as per the below article states - it is not feasible to access delegation in outlook for ios and android app.


Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


I think this is a very old article that you have linked to and out of date. Outlook for iOS does support this now.