MS Flow is running only for Admin User (Flow Creator) not running for other users

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I have a Office365 E5 Developer tenant license. I have created a MS Flow by using template named "Create a SharePoint item when Office 365 calendar event is created".
I have created this Flow with Admin account. If any outlook calendar event is created then this flow will run and create an item in a SharePoint list.
It is working fine for this Admin user but this flow is not running/working for other users of this tenant.


Ques 1: What I need to do to run this flow for all user?



1. If i keep the Admin user as a participant when I am creating an calendar event with other user , then this flow is running.

2. In the SharePoint List item the "CreatedBy" column is always taking the Admin Users name as value.


Ques 2: I want to add the name as created by with the user who is creating the event/running the flow, how this is possible?

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Flow only checks the calendar items of the user that the flow is running for.

If you would want to get all the calendar items, you would need to use the Graph API

Here is some documentation:

@Thijs Lecomte thanks for your reply. There is no way to run a Flow for all users?

My scenario is I am creating Outlook event from Power Apps for the loggedin user. so when a event is created after that the Flow is running. So, is there any way to run the flow for the current user? 

Not that I know of
Flow is meant for user based automation

Logic Apps would be able to make that happen, I think
What you can do is make the list "owner" of the Flow what means that users with edit permissions on the list can run the Flow

@Juan Carlos González Martín  thanks for your reply. I did the same but not working. Actually it will work if the flow run if an item is added/updated to a SharePoint list but in my case the flow will run if an event is created/updated to individuals calendar.