Moving domain and email to new host

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Hi All, hope someone can help.

I have just completed a new website for a client that was previously managed and hosted by another company. The domain name is in the process of been transfered accross to my Host (ionos 1 and 1).

The previous company have told me that the client uses 365 for there emails and that it's a simple process, in there words 'the migration would be as simple as passing you the ownership of the Admin portal’ they have now come back to me and asked 'which service do you use to manage your costumers' Office 365?'

My question is, how do I do this? I cannot seam to find anything on the web to help, perhaps there is a name for this process that I am not aware of.

Thank you in advance

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If you are wanting to migrate email from Office 365 to IONOS, your best bet is asking your hosting provider support how to migrate from Office 365. More than likely, they already have this documented.


It also sounds like the previous support provider is assuming you will just host email on Office 365 (which if you ask me, is better to host email in Office365).


Hope that helps!


Thank you for this, the latter part of your reply sounds like what I want. Just wasn't sure how to explain with the domain name being moved across and if that had a factor in it or if I just change some settings within Office 365 to point at the new location?

@Paul_walkerCorrect, if you move the domain to ionos, then just configure a few DNS entry to point email back to office365. It looks like you can do this automatically through Office365 portal after you move DNS management to ionos. Check the article below.