Migrating M365 tenant from one non-connected region to another (AUS -> USA)?

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I am planning a migration of a 20 user Microsoft 365 tenant from the MS Australian region to North America (USA).   I understand there is currently no direct migration path available from Microsoft to do so, so a new tenant would need to be stood up in the North American and then the Australian accounts (Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint sites, etc.) would all have to be mirrored/synced to the North American tenant.


The real issue is that the company wants to keep the email domain the same, which means that when I do the official cutover I would have to remove the active domain (i.e. company.com) from the Australian tenant and add it to the North American tenant and then make it the default on the North American tenant, with minimal downtime.

Can anyone recommend a Best Practice method for handling something like this?

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@OneTechBeyond you must use 3rd software like Quest. Anyway i think the best thing that you can do is to use onmicrosoft.com aliases and you can do a forward until DNS propagation. For the SP migration there is a tool recently acquired from MS very usefull: mover.io. 



I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean by "use onmicrosoft.com aliases" for forwarding?  Do you mean use those at the destination tenant, or use them at the source tenant?