Migrating from Google Workspace with Multiple Domains

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I am interested in switching from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 for Business. For context, I just use this personally, but enjoy the custom email and control over my account. I want to switch over because the only product that I use is Gmail, and pay for an additional Microsoft 365 subscription. While I won't be saving any money, or the savings will be negligible, it would be nice to have everything in one ecosystem. 


I've looked over how to migrate just one domain, and that seems fairly straight forward. However, I am wondering how feasible it would be to transfer multiple domains, and to switch my primary domain.


Below is the structure of my current Google Workspace domains:

- domain1.com | This is used as my primary domain that I log into. Also serves as my primary email.

- domain2.com | Used as an additional email alias for different purposes. Not used for logging in.

- domain3.com | Used as an additional email alias for different purposes. Not used for logging in.


If I wanted to keep domain1.com as my primary domain, I assume that I would do the standard migration and then add domain2.com and domain3.com as additional email aliases. However, I want to switch my primary domain in Microsoft 365 to domain2.com.


Is there any way to migrate emails from Google Workspace that's on domain1.com --> domain2.com via Microsoft 365 and make domain2.com the primary domain?


I know that this is a lot, so please ask for clarification if needed. Thanks!

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Hi @hewoods23,

If I got correctly your doubts, what you're trying to do is quite easy. 

On one hand we have the domains and on the other hand the migration.

You can verify as many domains in O365 as you own, and set the default one that you prefer. In fact, you could verify your domains in O365 before the migration if you want and create your users with the desired one. For domain verification in O365 you only need to add a TXT record to your DNS. ( After that of course you'll need to perform further configurations for mail routing etc... But this steps are not necessary for domain verification and user creation ). 


- Add domains to your tenant: Add a domain to Microsoft 365 - Microsoft 365 admin | Microsoft Learn

- Google Workspace migration prerequisites in Exchange Online: Google Workspace migration prerequisites in Exchange Online | Microsoft Learn

- Automated Google Workspace migration: Perform an automated Google Workspace migration to Microsoft 365 or Office 365 in the new EAC in Exc...


@FcoManigrasso Thanks! Just for clarification, when migrating emails over, it is possible to migrate from domain1.com (on GW) to domain2.com (on 365)?

Hi @hewoods23,


Absolutely yes. You'll use a target delivery domain for the mail users for the migration task, ( usually a subdomain of your primary domain ), as described here:  Google Workspace migration prerequisites in Exchange Online | Microsoft Learn

It doesn't matter if you then, ( or before ), use domain1, 2 or 3 as the main one. 

Mailboxes migration, O365 domains and EXO Primary SMTP are different things, ( related but not the same ). In fact, for the migration task, you could also migrate to the onmicrosoft.com mail users. ( I'm not saying you should do that, it's only an example to understand that you can migrate from domain1 to domain2 without issues ).

Hope this helps and wish you a good day... And good luck with your next migration :)