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Is it possible to mix and match different Microsoft 365 plans? I have a client that is needing 440 users and they asking if it is possible to mix for example 300 users of Microsoft 365 Business Standard and 140 Microsoft 365 Apps for Business in the same tenant. I found this information below, but there are different interpretations in English and in Portuguese. 

I need a MS document that clarify this information to send to the Client.


What is Microsoft 365 for business | FAQs

Perguntas frequentes (FAQ) | Microsoft 365 para empresas


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Business SKUs are limited to 300 users total. If you want to go over that limit, you need to purchase at least few Enterprise licenses.

@VasilMichev Thank you for your answer.


Do you have any other Microsoft document that highlights this information? Because as I mentioned the document in Portuguese give a different understanding. It shows that we can have 300 users in each business SKUs. 

Por exemplo, você pode comprar 300 estações Business Premium, 300 estações Business Standard e 500 estações Enterprise E3 em um único locatário.


Another thing is that I got a little bit confuse with your information. When you mention: "buy at least few Enterprise licenses" what do you mean?

Example: If I buy 5 Enterprise licenses I can go over the limit of 300 users in Business licenses?