Mandatory columns on new doc library experience

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Hello Folks,


we have a document library which has a few mandatory choice columns to be filled when a document is uploaded.

On the new library experience, the user is not prompted to select a valid value for the columns and the document is uploaded without any valid metadata, even though it is mandatory.

In the classic view, the user gets a prompt to select a valid value for the columns.


Is this a known behaviour?

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Yes, it's a known behaviour and it's by design. Basically metadata is not enforced in the modern UI in SPO Document Libraries

If this is "by design" does this mean that metadata will never be enforced in the modern ui in SPO doc libraries?  Or is it simply a known limitation that exists right now that will be fixed in the future?  What's the rational for not implementing this in the new UI?  Many of my clients make metadata required for a reason, especially for records management.  For them saying it's by design and will be this way indefinitely would not make for happy clients.

For now, it means that metadata will never be enforced in the modern ui in SPO doc libraries

While incredibble disappointing to here this (unless there is something on roadmap that is under NDA that can't be discussed here) thank you for the info.  At least I can tell my clients using required columns to avoid the new UI for the foreseable future.

Good find!


We've just been testing this and found:


Turning on enforced check-out, will complain about missing mandatory columns at check-in time, so is a potential solution.


Lists are fine (no equivalent of upload).


This guy has done a blog post on it.


I've now put this on UserVoice.

Why is no one up-voting  these  things?!

@Juan Carlos González Martín Btw, what does it mean ''by design'' I know it's silly question but pls do me a favor & tell  me. I just recently hearing a lot  ''it's by design'' thing on modern SPO.