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Hey Guys, 


I am trying to create a powershell script that will create a mailbox rule in each users mailbox, based on an input list. 


Here is what i have so far: 


New-InboxRule -Mailbox $SingleImport.PrimarySMTPAddress -From -MyNameInToBox $True -SubjectContainsWords '["Receipt Copy"] Hello' -Name EmailRule -MoveToFolder $SingleImport.PrimarySMTPAddress:\"Sent Items"


My input list has a single Column:




I am getting this error when trying to run the script:


A positional parameter cannot be found that accepts argument ':\Sent Items'.
+ CategoryInfo : InvalidArgument: (:) [New-InboxRule], ParameterBindingException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : PositionalParameterNotFound,New-InboxRule
+ PSComputerName :


Any ideas? 




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Try this:

New-InboxRule -Mailbox $SingleImport.PrimarySMTPAddress -From -MyNameInToBox $True -SubjectContainsWords '["Receipt Copy"] Hello' -Name EmailRule -MoveToFolder “$($SingleImport.PrimarySMTPAddress):\Sent Items"


So that seemed to work!! Thanks for your help. However now i have a different problem, instead of operating on each object (each user in my list) it only applies the mailbox rule to the LAST user in the list. 


I have not seen that before? Any ideas? 



Would need a bit more of your script. But generally you’d do something like this:

$Mailboxes = Import-CSV .\mailboxes.csv
ForEach ($Mailbox in $Mailboxes) {
// Insert the code above but replace SingleImport with Mailbox

On mobile right now, so can’t make it pretty etc.



I forgot to post this last night: 


$Importlist = Import-CSV Test_Email_Rule.csv

foreach ($SingleImport in $importlist)
New-InboxRule -Mailbox $SingleImport.PrimarySMTPAddress -From -MyNameInToBox $True -SubjectContainsWords '["Receipt Copy"] Hello' -Name TestEmailRule -MoveToFolder “$($SingleImport.PrimarySMTPAddress):\Sent Items"


Thats my complete script. 


ok so here is where i am on it. So far this almost works: 


$Importlist = Import-CSV Test_Email_Rule.csv

foreach ($SingleImport in $importlist)
New-InboxRule -Mailbox $($SingleImport.PrimarySMTPAddress) -From -MyNameInToBox $True -SubjectContainsWords '["Receipt Copy"] Hello' -Name RAKEmailG4 -MoveToFolder "$($SingleImport.PrimarySMTPAddress):\Sent Items"


The above script appears to work, however when it comes to moving the item to the users sent items folder it fails. 


If i remove MovetoFolder Option and select -Deletemessage $True then it works. However i dont want to delete the message. 


I am attaching an screenshot as well. 

Showing errorShowing error

Hmm. The error message seems to indicate a connection failure. Not sure what might be causing it, but the syntax should be correct reading the docs.



Thanks for the response. Actually it turns out the problem was related to not having full mailbox access rights to the mailboxes in which i am trying to create the rule. I was testing with my 3 test accounts and those worked as expected. However my other test accounts did not. 


I did some additional checking and found an article covering the need for full mailbox rights, but only when setting a rule which touches the users mailbox folders. 


Thanks for your help.