Mailbox permissions for Azure HelpDesk users unavailable

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since a coupple of Weeks my "Azure Helpdesk" Users can't adit the "Mailbox permissions" in to Microsoft 365 Admin Center , it is just empty...



They have "Mail recipient" Access trought the "Exchange Recipient Administrator" Role in EAC and also through the EAC work, but till a couple of Weeks this also work through the MS 365 Admin Center.... do I miss some Access?  


I know it is a Access problem, becasue I can :), but I cant finde the right Access they need.


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Can you try to reassign the permission?

@Kidd_Ip , OK thats interesting


I remove all Access


Szenario 1: User get the "Exchange Recipient Administrators" Azure Rolle.

Result: same as now, on Exchange admin center works, and ampty on the MS 365 Admin Center.


Szenario 2: User get " Mail recipients" Exchange Access trought the HekpdeDesk , or "Reciepent Manager" Role groups.

Result: I get "You don't have permission to view this information."  on the MS 365 Admin Center, but I am allow again to manage it in the Exchange Admin Consol .....


have maybe nother Idea?

It need to be something with the Access because I can do that as GLobal Admin....