Mail migration IMAP to Office 365 fails when run for a 2nd time

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for some mailboxes a migration from IMAP mailboxes to O365 has been started in the past. It run successfully for some time.
After a while it was stopped and the connection was closed. The old migration requests were deleted from Exchange admin console.

Now a new try to start the migration fails with error

UserAlreadyBeingMigratedException: The user ‎'USERNAME@domain.dom' already has a pending request.

Please remove the existing request and resume the current batch or start a new batch for this user. --> Name must be unique per owning mailbox.
There‎'s already a request with the name ‎'‎' owned by mailbox ‎'EURPR01A008.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM/Microsoft Exchange Hosted Organizations/'.


The following commands don't report anything
Get-MoveRequest | fl


How can the mailbox migration be restarted or the existing requests being removed?

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Hello @magriii405,

Did you check if there is SyncRequest in place?

Get-SyncRequest -Mailbox <Affected User SMTP>

Please refer to this article for more information.

Hope that helps.

iHi @AndySvints,

there was a SyncRequest running. It's strange that this request is still not visible in the Exchange Admin Web page (neither old nor new interface). I wonder why I didn't come across the article you mentioned.

Thank you very much for your help.