M365 License Expiration- Enterprise Agreement

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Scenario: I have 3050 M365 E1 plan license and going to expire soon. 

My Org planned to renew 1250 M365 E1 plan. 

As i have Exchange Hybrid environment we have plan to migrate 1800 user mailbox to exchange servers.

As limited time, we may not complete all migration so what will happen to after the license expiration date? 

Does migration in-progress will stop or run until process complete?

Does License will promptly remove from License portal or will stay for grace period?And if license not remove from portal, does user can login and use exchange online services?


Please suggest??

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When a license is removed/expired from a user, Exchange Online data that is associated with that account is held for 30 days. After the 30-day grace period, the data is deleted and can't be recovered.




No, suppose M365 subscription lifecycle status on below:


Subscription Lifecycle Status:

  • Active: The subscription is active and services are available
  • Expired: The subscription reaches its end date (naturally or due to cancellation/upgrades) Services become unavailable, but the subscription remains in this status until all licenses are removed
  • Disabled: After the Expired status, services remain unavailable for 90 days. This period allows you to reactivate the subscription or back up data
  • Deleted: If not reactivated, the subscription is deleted after the 90-day Disabled period
Thank you for your message.
In EA, I want to confirm that on expiring date, license will directly expire, or Microsoft give some grace period?
Thank you for your message.
I understand about the Subscription Lifecycle status above. But my question is What will happen on expiring date that I am in progress of migration from Exchange online to Exchange onpremises?
If license status shows expired, then will it stop migration or continue?
If license status shows Active even after expired date, then user can access exchange services or not?
What affect does it take during this phase?