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Limiting Group Guest Access to Planner Only

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We are a law firm using a case management system that interfaces/integrates deeply with Office 365.  The app sets up a Microsoft Group for each legal case/matter to tie together all the Office resources connected to a given case. The case management app uses Planner for task management in each legal case/matter.


We want certain clients who are more sophisticated in their management of their own legal matters (for instance, insurance adjusters and risk management officers) to be able to view our "to do" list and status of those items for their own cases.   


The Guest feature for Microsoft Groups allows access to Planner, but by default it also allows access to more parts of our electronic "case file" than we want to grant, such as the document library, the email group, and the OneNote notebook associated with the group (case).


Is there a way to grant Guest access to a Group, but limit the permissions to only the Planner app? 


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AFAIK, such granular controls for Guest Users per Group feature are not provided Today

@ChrisStovallit's not possible.

Maybe you can use the SharePoint list for external users. You could even have every time a task is added in Planner, an item is added to a SharePoint list. This can be automated with Power Automate.