Kiosk Account setup in Outlook 2016 broken after new and improved setup dialog

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Setting up Office 365 Kiosk mailboxes has always been problematic, as for some reason Microsoft refuses to auto discover these and you must set them up manually.


Since the new and improved account setup dialog in Outlook 2016 has been released, no one in our organization has been able to get their Kiosk accounts to work in Outlook and can only use the web interface.


Automatic setup just says "Something went wrong"


Manual setup.  IMAP:


IMAP: Incoming Server, Port 993, SSL/TLS

           Outgoing Server, port 587, STARTTLS


With Imap you put in your password once, you get this pop-up dialog that looks like it's from Windows 98 asking you for the password.  Trouble is the second two dialogs asking for your password simply don't work.  They pop up over and over and over and over and over and over and eventually Outlook completely locks up and has to be killed through task manager.  The same password works on the website without any issues of course.


Manual setup, POP:


Incoming mail:, port 995, This server requires an encrypted connection

Outgoing mail:, port 587, Encryption SSL/TLS


Asks for password.


Says: Something went wrong


Literally dozens of web pages give these settings, so I don't think they are incorrect.


If you try to set it up enough times, your outlook profile becomes corrupted (A problem outlook has had since Windows ME) but creating a new profile doesn't fix it.


Has anyone solved this problem?  I have 7 email accounts and being forced to use a web client for ONE of them -- when it's a Microsoft account - is a real pain.  We're not paying for expensive Exchange accounts for contractors, casual users, and support mailboxes, we might as well go back to gMail if we have to do this.


With the old manual setup dialog - which nothing was wrong with - IMAP never worked, but POP did with these settings.


Microsoft: It's 2018 POP dates back to AOL c'mon you can support IMAP at least.




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Worth checking on here, but far as I'm aware K / F plans arnt supported to use Outlook clients. 


They are designed to be used via browser / mobile devices. (Worth checking the foot notes, sure it mentions somewhere IMAP not supported, probably under the client section)


Kiosk accounts are 100% Web Access Only.


Please upgrade to Exchange Online P1 in order to enable Mail Client Access.


Anything else is a hack, sry.

So please explain how I have a Kiosk account working just fine in my Outlook 2016 right now?


It was setup before the latest round of "improvements"


It sure looks to me that Microsoft crippled this feature on purpose.

Hi Steve
They have never supported IMAP, which is pretty amazing given that POP is ancient.

See my reply to the other guy... They worked just fine in Outlook until the last round of "improvements"
Maybe you'll be best off logging a support request, I dont claim to know the internal wonders of how MS work

What I do know though is - Kiosk accounts are designed to be deskless licences. I.e - no full fat clients.

With all due respect, Steve, your answer makes no sense at all.


POP3, IMAP, MAPI, EAS, SMTP - These are transport protocols.  They say nothing about the type of client.  POP3, IMAP, and SMTP are in the public domain, MAPI and EAS are proprietary MS protocols.


To claim that a transport protocol defines a type of client is akin to saying that a highway is designed for four wheeled vehicles and two wheeled vehicles won't work on it. 

"Other guy" chiming in here. :)


Kiosk mode is just explicitly defined as not usable with Outlook.

Though Exchange Active Sync protocol and POP3/SMTP are enabled, I am pretty sure it was meant for smartphone access, but this is not clearly defined anywhere that I know of.


Your Outlook Client could have found its way through the Exchange Active Sync protocol, which could work to some degree, but again, its really meant for mobile devices.


I am not trying to be negative here, just stating the facts from the creators of the service.


Look at Exchange Online Plan 1, it will make your task a whole lot easier, and the added cost should be within anyone's budget.


I'm sorry but you are wrong.  I have Kiosk accounts working in Outlook 2016 right now, they have worked there for years.  They were not found via Exchange Active Sync.  They were configured as POP mailboxes using the configuration supplied by the Outlook web client.


NOW you can no longer add them, and clearly this is Microsoft trying to sell us Exchange Online Plans which cost more.


We have a large staff of contractors who come and go.  They need to represent themselves as belonging to our organization.  Sure, one mailbox in Exchange doesn't cost that much more, but 30-50 mailboxes add up. 


We're considering going back to Google mail as a result of this.

Hi Alan, I understand you man...


But understand that this is a forum driven mostly by volunteers, and we have no real power or insight into what "the man" is planning.


I know you have Outlok connected via POP3, but thats just your luck, it has always been written clearly that Outlook "the client" is not supported. Even though it might have worked, you are still in an unsupported situation, and can't claim any kind of redemtion or excuses from Microsoft. That's all I'm trying to say.


I get mad at this kinda stuff all the time, so I get it,I really do! but these are the facts.


Now if you are into the unsupported way of doing things, I suggest you go with an older version of Outlook which can support the connection just like you used to.

I tried with the new one, and like you said, this is not really working as one might hope.

But my trusty old Thunderbird email client works, so maybe give that a try? (it's free, so that good :))

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You're not getting this. The Outlook Web client supplied the POP3 settings for desktop outlook. That's how it used to work.

Outlook desktop was talking to POP3 mailboxes since, uh, I dunno, version RC1?
I have it working only with STARTTLS option.

Incoming Mail (POP) Server Name:, Port: 995, Requires SSL (TLS): Yes (always encrypted)
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server Name: Port: 587 Requires SSL (TLS) Yes (STARTTLS)