Issue using API to identify file type and then pulling a file by ID

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Hi everyone. I'm a product person doing some research for a developer. We are wanting to pull files from a folder in OneDrive. But our app only supports certain file types. We need to be able to identify the file type (mimetype) before we then send it to our app. We were able to finally get the mimetype data but then we got an error telling us the ID of the file is not valid. Is there some other ID that we need to query for? We tried all of the IDs returned and we were told that all of them were not valid.


I had a similar issue using MS Flow where we had to capture an underlying ID that Flow created instead of the actual ID from Sharepoint. I have no idea if this is similar or not. We are not using MS Flow for this at all. We are using the Graph API. 


This may have nothing to do with mimetype at all but it started happening after we finally were able to get the mimetype data.

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As a follow-up, we are using the listItemType call, which returns the mimetype, but we are not able to get the ID of the item using that call. Every ID that is returned fails.