is DocumentID unique in Sharepoint?

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I have been using Copy-PnPFile to copy some documents from one site to another (copy, not move!) and to my surprise the DocumentID stays the same, within the scope of the two site collections. So this means, 2 files 1 DocumentID in 2 different site collections.
I then renamed and moved back the copied file to the original site (where the original file was created) et voilà! the SAME SITE COLLECTION HOSTS TWO DIFFERENT FILES WITH THE SAME DOCUMENTID.

To me, for the use cases I have been seeing the DocumentID should be unique in the scope of the Tenant, certainly in the scope of the site collection.



here the settings for DocumentId




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Long story about Document IDs in SharePoint, they are unique at the Site Collection Level, but not at the teanant level, neither at the farm level. This was implemented a while ago (SP 2010 if my memory serves well) and no changes since then

@Juan Carlos González Martín thanks for your reply and sorry for my late one, I experienced also SAME SITE COLLECTION HOSTS TWO DIFFERENT FILES WITH THE SAME DOCUMENTID

I wonder what is the use case then...