Intranet (SharePoint) Site Map — how to?

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I'm not a developer, nor do I work in IT.

I work in Internal Communications and I've been asked to create a site map of our [SharePoint] intranet. It's a fairly new intranet, so it's not huge, but I have no idea where to start or how to do it.

Is there a quick/easy way for me to do this using Office 365 or SharePoint etc?

Any information, advice, or guidance would be massively appreciated.

Thank you. 


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Do you use classic mode and use sub sites etc? Or modern with team sites and communication sites?

I believe if you use the first mentioned you can get some hints here:

Otherwise using modern Sites in SharePoint there’s no built in tool for this! You can list all sites in the sharePoint admin center and since its modern , it’s mostly a flat structure! If hub sites are used you may built a hierarchy based upon that to show which sites are connected etc

Thank you@adam deltinger 


We use modern SharePoint with team sites and communication sites, so thank you for letting me know [that sadly] there isn't a tool for this.


I'll speak to the SharePoint consultants and get them to give me a steer :)

Hi, I'm curious to know if any more work has been done on this. . .  My company would like to have a sitemap at the Hub site of their Communications Site as well.  Has this been made possible yet or any other workarounds.  The Admin Center would identify sites not part of, or associated with the Communications site Hub site.  I wanted an out-of-the-box solution to provide to site owners.  please advise.


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Would a manually made sitemap solve this issue?

@Rafael Granado 

Thank you, but it would need to automatically update as content is built.

@avatribedeaux If you have access to the O365 admin center and the SharePoint Admin, there's a view that lists all Sites. 'Filter by hub' on the 'hubsite' column and you can show all sites connected to your hubsite. 

It's dynamic. You need access to O365 admin center to view.  So won't work for your end users.

@Georgeina Baker just to clarify that what you mentioned is a list of site collections associated with a hub site, not including all the pages created within each site collection. Right? I'm looking for a place I can see all the pages. Is there such a thing?

Correct - the SharePoint admin view of Hubsite +associated sites does not show pages. I haven’t yet found anything OOB that shows Hubsite+Associated sites+pages. Let us know here if you find something!

@SLJ13 can crawl and create sitemaps of SharePoint websites and intranets that create a public facing access point for the software. You can read more about creating sitemaps for SharePoint sites here:


When you crawl a site using Dyno Mapper, this automatically creates a Visual Sitemap, Content Inventory, Content Audit, and gives you the ability to perform Accessibility Testing to private and public websites. Visual Sitemaps can be exported to PDF, CSV, and SVG. 


You can also download the following sitemap files:

  • XML
  • HTML Sitemap
  • Text Sitemap
  • Image Sitemap
  • Video Sitemap

I must add a disclaimer that I do work for Dyno Mapper. We would be happy to provide a product demo for your organization.


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I know this is an old post, but to save the impracticalities of creating anything either very manual or very technical, I now just link to Site Contents for a site map (click on the cog in the top-right of any SharePoint site, and select Site Contents). This will only show the user content they have access to and they can drill down into different libraries, lists, and pages. Not perfect, but no-one has ever complained!