How to open a colleague's schedule from an own custom app?

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hi there,


I want to be able to see my colleague's schedule from my app.


If possible, like a deep link, i want to be able to see the outlook's schedule table of the other member semi-automatically by accessing the URI.


Is it poosible?ot not?


If possible, what rules should the URI be constructed with?
Even if I access the URI with a browser according to the reference site, an errro occurs.

(ex.<other member's account>)


UTC Date: 2022-06-03T14:28:10.699Z
Client Id: 5DEEA2EF2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxB563
Session Id: d8141f52.-4097-4d10-b672-84b8493a65f7
Client Version: 20220527002.05
BootResult: fail
err: Error: NoCalendarDeeplinkView
esrc: Script
et: ClientError
estack: Error: NoCalendarDeeplinkView
at et (
at async Promise.all (index 1)
at async Promise.all (index 4)
at async



I have confirmed the following MSDN questions and ansewers.


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