How to collect users emails without asking them to enter it

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We are looking to develop a way to track users that are taking a specific training courses and we were thinking to use a feedback form. Can MS Forms capture the users email or should i use PowerApps or something else?

Apologies if my question sounds stupid, novice O365 user here

many thanks :)

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Hi @Katerina_sie, MS Forms can do this if the setting for 'Who can fill out this form' is set to 'Only people in my organization can respond'. If you click the 'Open in Excel' link in the Responses section, email is one of the categories it records.

Forms settingsForms settings


You could also access this by using Power Automate on the Form data (if you wanted to automate the storage of responses or something like, for instance). There is a field called Responders' Email that will return just that.


Power Apps is certainly another great method. There is a User function that can access the email from the current user's Office account. Here is how that function looks:




 You could then use that email as needed with any data in the app.


I hope that helps!