How can I know if I am using or Office 365 Outlook?

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How can I know if I am using or Office 365 Outlook?


I thought that Office 365 was only online and accessed by a browser.  I have a stand-alone Outlook product but the options are only either Office 365 Outlook or, with emphasis on the ".com".  So which one should I pick?


In the past, all one had to do is click on help -> about and you could see the name of the product and the version, but this is not the case today.



When I use a Microsoft tool called "Power Automate" there are clearly two separate options I have to pick from where one is implementing and the other is implementing Office 365 Outlook.  Apparently, I have to know which one I am using.

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You should go to Office 365 Outlook if you are M365 user, is a free web-based e-mail service provided by Microsoft

Hi, @wm-thompson.


These are two different versions of Outlook. Here are some key differences between them:


  • is a free, personal email service that you can access via a web browser. It has a simple and modern interface, and it integrates with other Microsoft services like OneDrive and Skype. You can use with any email address, such as,,, or You can also add other accounts, such as Gmail, Yahoo, or iCloud, to and manage them from one place.


  • Office 365 Outlook is part of the Office 365 suite of applications, which is a subscription-based service that offers more advanced features and capabilities than Office 365 Outlook includes the desktop version of Outlook, which you can install on your PC or Mac, and the web version, which you can access online. You can use Office 365 Outlook with your Microsoft 365 account for business or personal use, or with other accounts, such as Office 365 Outlook has more options for customization, security, and collaboration, such as scheduling and task management, rich formatting, mailbox rules, shared mailboxes, public folders, Microsoft 365 Groups, and more.


To know which one you are using, you can check the following:


  • If you have an active subscription to Microsoft 365, you are likely using Office 365 Outlook. You can verify this by going to File > Office Account > Product Information in the desktop version of Outlook, or by signing in to your Microsoft 365 portal and clicking on the Outlook app.


  • If you don’t have a subscription to Microsoft 365, but you have a stand-alone Outlook product, you are probably using the desktop version of Outlook with your account or another account. You can check this by going to File > Account Settings > Account Settings in the desktop version of Outlook, and looking at the type of your email account.


  • If you don’t have any Outlook product installed on your computer, but you access your email through a web browser, you are most likely using You can confirm this by looking at the URL of the web page, which should be something like or


Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose to use either or Office 365 Outlook, or both. For example, if you want a simple and free email service that works well with other Microsoft services, you can use If you want more advanced features and capabilities for email and calendar, and you are willing to pay for a subscription, you can use Office 365 Outlook. If you want to use both, you can add your account to your Office 365 Outlook, or vice versa, and sync your emails and calendars across devices.



I hope this helps!